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Welcome to METAESTATE, a virtual property trading collectible game that enables users to buy, sell, and rent their dream properties through the EOS blockchain.


The following Terms and Conditions (“Terms“) control your usage of MetaEstate, (“we“, “us“, “our“, or “Company“) services, which enclose, but are not restricted to, our site, mobile or online applications, and other online mediums that connect to or include these Terms (generally, the “Services“). These Terms form a legally enforceable contract between you (or the business you serve) and Company. The term “You” and “your” refer to you, a Services user, under these Conditions. You or anyone else who downloads, browses, or utilizes the Services in any manner is referred to as a “user.”
Kindly be informed that this Agreement includes a mandatory arbitration clause that forces you to resort to binding and conclusive arbitration on an individualized basis to resolve disagreements instead of jury trials or class action lawsuits.


Carefully read the presented “Terms and Conditions” before browsing, viewing, using, or downloading the Services. By using the Website, you agree to have no issues with the given Terms & Conditions at If you do not agree to or accept the Terms & Conditions listed on this page, please do not use this Website.


The publicly accessible information is open to visitors or maybe accessed without revealing any personal information. On the other hand, certain services may demand the consumer to divulge personally identifiable information.

We use the details you supply to enhance our maintenance, application, and services, such as keeping data and updates, improving our support, Website, and our Services, telling you of modifications, updating you of new locations to play, and notifying you of new real estate deals.

Account Security & Registration

Certain features or functionalities of the Services and any or all of the Services may require you to create a profile with us. We may require you to supply some user information or other private information when you do so. You thus permit Company to establish an EOS account, which will be linked to your user profile. Our Privacy Policy applies to all of these details.

Once you have a profile, you are accountable for any processes that take place in association with your profile. You will keep your login details private and not share them with anyone else. You undertake to contact us promptly if you have reasonable grounds to suspect that your account credentials have been hacked if your username or password has been misused, or if there has been any other cyber-attack.

You may not imitate someone else to construct an account or use an account for anyone other than yourself, allow anyone else to use your details, or supply personal details with intentions of account registration other than your own.

Termination Of Registration

If the Company’s rights are breached, METAESTATE has the authority to limit or cancel a user’s account or remove login information at any time.


METAESTATE assures that all information given is kept private. We never utilize or misuse your confidential material, mainly Personal Information. We do not disclose or trade personal data with third parties, organizations, or people in compliance with the regulations.


METAESTATE places a high value on the confidentiality of information, details, and data provided to us. We take reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized entry to or use of your Personal Information. However, we cannot assure that the Personal Details you (the user) submit, transmit, or publish over our Website or through email are totally safe at all times.

Unauthorized Use Of Information

Users are not permitted to replicate, alter, transmit, publish, reproduce, license, sell, construct, or redistribute any of the details, goods, materials, services, or resources available on the Site without the prior authorization of the management.

Third-Party Links

METAESTATE is not liable in account to any third party for the information or accuracy of any information published on the Services by you or any other user. You fully comprehend that when you’re using the Services, you will be subjected to a manuscript, pictures, photos, audio, multimedia, geolocation, and other types of data or information exchange (collectively, “Content“) from a multitude of sources, and that Company is not responsible for the integrity, usability, safety, or intellectual property protection of or attributing to such Content. METAESTATE does not endorse any Content made accessible through the Services by any user or other licensee, or any statement, suggestion, or advice stated therein. We explicitly exclude any and all responsibility arising from such Content.


IPX: IPX is the in-game currency (referred to as “Cash Purchases”) that may be used to make the virtual property and other virtual goods purchases through the Services (“Virtual Purchases”). You accept and agree that all of the information you give us is accurate and true. METAESTATE will not be liable for any IPX Purchases for which you submitted incomplete and inaccurate details.

Virtual Purchases: Virtual Purchases made through the Services will be processed and controlled using blockchain technology. When you use IPX to conduct a transaction, your MetaEstate EOS account will become publicly viewable. METAESTATE shall have no knowledge of or influence over Virtual Purchases made between users, and we will be unable to revoke any such transactions. As a result, we will not be liable to you or any third parties for any claims or consequential damages arising out of Virtual Purchases.


By using or downloading the METAESTATE service, you agree to the use of cookies in accordance with the METAESTATE Terms and Conditions.

On our service, cookies will be used to enhance the efficacy of specific parts. Cookies may be used in some affiliate/advertising connections.


You accept and consent to the following terms and conditions:
  • The Services include location-based elements, which implies you will be allowed to use your mobile device to access the Services in real-world places. You agree to use the META ESTATE Application at your own risk, and you are responsible for maintaining any appropriate safety, liability, hazmat, personal injury, health, life, and other insurance plans for any accidents you may sustain while using the Services.
  • If you have a disagreement with one or more other service users, you hereby exempt the Company (and its executives, managers, affiliates, shareholders, strategic partnerships, and personnel) from any and all assertions, claims, and liabilities (literal and consequential), known and unknown, assumed and unexpected, revealed and unreported, originating out of or in any way associated with such disagreements.
  • When using the service to obtain a virtual property, you will never purchase any real-world rights to that real estate. The services are a virtual component that correlates to real-world dimensions, but they do not grant any ownership, possession, or representation of any other property claim in the real world.
  • Any IPX balance does not indicate any fixed amount, and you acknowledge that IPX has no real-world financial value and does not represent real-world cash or ownership of any kind. IPX could only be used for Virtual Purchases and cannot be traded, loaned, or exchanged for “real” money, “real” products, or “real” operations from us or others.


METAESTATE and/or its licensors own all copyrighted services and merchandise, including information and other types of content on METAESTATE, unless otherwise specified in written. METAESTATE owns all copyrights, and they may not be used unless METAESTATE’s requirements are met.

You may obtain this material from METAESTATE for individual use, subject to the restrictions established in these terms and conditions.

You should not:

  • Earn money by selling METAESTATE services.
  • Rent or lease METAESTATE goods
  • Steal, copy, or plagiarize METAESTATE content
  • Rebrand METAESTATE goods

Limit of Liability

To the greatest degree allowed by ordinance, in no event shall the Company be responsible for any indirect, unexpected, special, exemplary, or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the services, whether or not the company has been advised of the possibility of such damages or from any contacts, dealings or discussions with other users of the site or services, on any theory of liability (including contract, tort including negligence, or howsoever otherwise) arising out of, in connection with, or resulting from the services.

Resolving Disputes

Any dispute or concern between the user and METAESTATE resulting from these Terms and Conditions, the service, or any operating company (a “Claim”) must be handled using one of the channels outlined below.

We strongly suggest you send an email petition to negotiate a deal. If a party wants to proceed to arbitration, it must do so through an agreed-upon recognized alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) provider. Both the ADR supplier and the clients must adhere to the following rules:

  • Based on the mode specified by the party seeking arbitration, the inquiry will be performed over the telephone, through the internet, or just via paper entries.
  • Unless the participants specifically agree differently, the arbitration will not urge the parties or witnesses to present in person; and 
  • The dispute will be resolved by a single arbitrator.
  • Any governmental agency can use the arbitrator’s decision to come to a decision.


You expect to indemnify the Company, its partners, and copyright holders, as well as their corresponding officials, executives, personnel, contractors, representatives, licensors, and subcontractors, harmless from and against any assertions, liabilities, damage of property, verdicts, accolades, failures, charges, expenses, or fees (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) culminating from your breach of these Terms or use of the Services.


METAESTATE excludes, to the fullest extent permitted by relevant law, certain promises, assertions, and representations relating to our Website, including our Website’s usage. Nothing in this declaration should be construed as indicating:

  • Reduce or eliminate our or your obligation in the case of death or physical injury.
  • Reducing or removing our or your responsibility in the event of fraud or a legal warranty violation;
  • Restrict our or your responsibility in any way not permitted by law; or
  • Remove any duties you or we have that aren’t specifically forbidden by law.

The limitations and exemptions of responsibility outlined in this section and elsewhere in this declaration: (a) are applicable to the first section; and (b) apply to all responsibilities arising out of the allegation, including those arising from contractual, negligent, or statutory obligation breaches.

Right To Change Terms

Carefully read these Terms and Conditions attentively as they may have been modified. Though the Terms in place at the moment govern your accessing and use of the Products, please be mindful that we secure the ownership to revise and change these Guidelines at any time.

If we implement changes to these Terms, we will send you an email or publish a statement on our site prior to the modifications taking effect. These Terms are intended to guarantee that you will only use the Services in the manner that we expect.


If you have any unresolved concerns or inquiries regarding our Terms and Conditions, please contact METAESTATE assistance at, and we will respond to the message.

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