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MetaEstate’s virtual property market is any digital piece of land purchased through the MetaEstate platform. It maps the real-world locations that help users virtually acquire any piece of land, including ancient landmarks, natural treasures, and other famous and personally important locales.
IPX powers Metaestate’s economy. Users can exchange IPX to buy, sell, rent the land and build properties mapped to real-world addresses.
Blockchain technology helps MetaEstate guarantee true ownership of virtual properties to its users. Every buying and selling transactions are recorded on an irreversible public ledger. Through this, there’ll always be proof that you own your property and nobody else will be able to own that property unless you sell it.
When you buy a piece of MetaEstate virtual real estate, you get ‘property ownership’ on the MetaEstate ecosystem. Holding a MetaEstate virtual real estate grants you possession in regions where you share in profits raised by user interactions on your virtual property, such as in-game purchasing and gaming.


An NFT is a non-transferable, irreplaceable crypto token with a one-of-a-kind value assigned by the owner based on its attributes.
Definitely! However, you’ll need to create a wallet to buy, sell, rent, and promote businesses in the future.
Users can get coins in the following ways:
  • Earn coins by progressing through the levels.
  • Go to the IPX store and buy coins in exchange for USD.
  • Earn IPX by referrals.
MetaEstate aims to target regions across the States, implementing and upgrading the latest blockchain technology. It will explore all of America’s states and their cities.

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